Please Note: NEW VENUE...

Meetings are held at the 19 on Green Community Centre,
19 Green Street, Brompton. SA 5007

On the 3rd Thursday of each month, 7pm for 7:30pm start…

Visitors are asked to pay a $10.00 fee per meeting, if you decide to join on that night, this fee will be deducted from your membership fee. Please see the Membership page for the fee structure.
A meal before the meeting?
All members and visitors are welcome to meet from 6.00 pm for a relaxing meal at:

Please Note: NEW EATING PLACE...

Excelsior Hotel,
110 Coglin St (Corner of Hawker St. and Coglin St.) Brompton SA 5007

This is a good time to wind-down from a busy day and just chat (and eat!) before the main meeting.


Next Meeting - Thursday, 20th September 2018 - 7:30pm sharp
Note: New Venue - See above...
Guest Speaker: Tania Jolley


The cowardly act of a hold-up in a pokie room, jewellers or petrol station can traumatise the operator for many years.
DNA Guardian warns potential robbers in advance with a prominent sign that they will be temporarily marked on exit (up to three weeks), along with the robbed items and clothing with a spray that will show up under ultraviolet light.
A swab of the suspect will match the remaining spray using DNA matching, tying them to the premises with a recorded time code and possible video.

Demonstration Video Here   (YouTube)

Previous Meeting - Thursday, 16th August 2018 - 7:30pm
We are starting this meeting at 7:15pm
Please note: The AGM was held at this meeting.
Speaker: Bronte Eckermann

Bails on the ground are a visual indicator that the wicket is “broken”, but Zings must be able to lift and come back into the grooves, cancelling themselves.
Convicting the diehard cricket bureaucracies that a plastic tube of electronics can replace the wooden bails with a tradition of hundreds of years, has been an uphill battle.
The final decision is the umpire's but any help they can get is very welcomed. The Zings do get damaged from 165kph hits they receive regularly, and the umpires carry spares in the event of damage. At 25 f/s a player can cover 1.5m so any additional visual indicators are very welcome.

Demonstration Video Here (YouTube)


Thursday, 19th July 2018 - 7:30pm

Speaker: Sasha Dragovelic


Sasha Dragovelic will talk about the inventive machines used to separate the opal from the dirt.
The Blower shown on the right sucks the dirt and rock from the mine where tiny tunnelling machines, which are either assembled underground or are small enough to be lowered down the shaft, extend the diggings.
When close to the opal seam a Noodler, a series varying mesh size sieves separate the dirt and rocks so that the most likely rocks can be examined.
A further process involves a Black Light Tunnel where a conveyor carries the dirt through a dark and very hot area illuminated by UV lights to make spotting opal much easier.

Thursday, 21st June 2018 - 8:00pm
Conducted Tour: TINDO SOLAR

5 / 6-8 Second Ave, Mawson Lakes, SA 5095

Prior to meeting we are eating at 6:00pm at the Mawson Lakes Hotel, 10 Main Street, Mawson Lakes

                  Above – commercial installation, the production facility, and Tindo Solar HQ

Tindo solar panel manufacture is an automated operation with panels inspected at all stages. 
The production line process is explained in the video below.

Video of manufacturing process

Wholly Australian owned and operated company founded in 2011, Tindo Solar designs and manufactures technologically advanced solar panels and supplies these worldwide.    1800 646 165



 Thursday, 17th May 2018 - 7:30pm
Speaker: Peter Wadewitz
 from Peats Soil & Garden Supplies


Peats is a second-generation, wholly South Australian company. Peter started supplying landscapers, building a clientele.
He collected compost and made potting mix from his Dad’s nursery in Plympton, which he put into clear bags and relabelled it.
For many years Peats Soil & Garden Supplies have been turning what others perceive as “waste” into valuable, nutrient rich products.
Peats are at the forefront of the War on Waste and the BiobiN® is a fantastic example of a circular economy.
They have 3 depots and compost all sorts of green organics, sludge, manures and green waste. Peats and BiobiN®, are now gradually expanding globally. They have over 80 staff, and have their own fleet of B Double Semis, and are continually expanding.


Thursday, 19th April 2018 - 7:30pm
Speaker: Mark Thomson

Never afraid of a windup, Mark Thomson is shown here in the Hoke inspired Clockwork Car and preparing for the “Quack of Doom”.

Mark founded and runs the Institute of Backyard Studies along with his small band of professionals he researches new or old ideas and concepts, some of which are shown here.

Author of many books including Blokes and Sheds, a book full of famous sheds and their sometimes, eccentric owners and Rare Trades, a serious look at the hand crafts being kept alive by a dedicated few.

Mark is a man of many talents, as well as writing his books, he produces the graphics and makes the props inventions.

If you have a shed and a ute then you need all of Mark’s books on your shelves.

Thursday, 15th March 2018 - 7:30pm

Speaker: Sasha Dragovelic


Gamification is the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts.
Gamification techniques are intended to leverage people's natural desires for socializing, learning, mastery, competition, achievement, status, self-expression, altruism, or closure, or simply their response to the framing of a situation as a game or play.

Sasha Dragovelic and his team at Employment Options have taken traditional career development and have 'gamified' it to engage and inspire young people 15 to 24 years old to plan their future career. The result was Pathfinder - Game Your Career.
Sasha will share with us their learning and discoveries in the use of gamification as a business tool.


Thursday, 15th February 2018 - 7:30pm
Speaker: Tony Rossiter

Mailchimp is a free program used by the Inventors Association to advise our meetings and other IAA stuff. Above is a graph showing November 2017 information – 33% open rate compared to 22% Industry Average and the click rate, not very relevant in our case, but can gauge how many recipients clicked through to your web page and tie up with Google Analytics.

The minor disadvantage, a very small MailChimp Logo is placed at the bottom of the email including an option to Unsubscribe, which MailChimp handles in the background along with checking email addresses are correct.

I suggest members and visitors download and familiarise themselves with MailChimp before the meeting and bring a laptop, the centre has WiFi.

 Thursday, 18th January 2018 - 7:30pm
Speaker: Peter Kuhlmann
-Talking about his "Shark Tank" experience

Peter promoted his product “Mini Pallets” on Channel 10’s Shark Tank and spoke about his experience and lead up to the program.
On the panel, members were impressed with both the rectangular black plastic bases for moving/storing of boxes and the circular bases for the moving of pot plants.
The major aim of these products is to minimise the occurrence of back injuries resulting from unnecessary heavy lifting.
Peter has had sales success with the Australian National Postal Service for this product and is currently in the process of negotiating for sales opportunities in the US.

Thursday, 14th December 2017 - 7:30pm
Inventors' Christmas Party

There is no Guest Speaker tonight...
Bring your partner and friends and celebrate another great year of inventions.
Either bring a plate, savoury or sweet to share or contribute ($5) to Pizzas. BYO drinks;
coffee & tea will be supplied and enjoy great conversation.
We will not be asking you to pay a visitor's fee, just come and enjoy.

We have a fabulous selection of speakers for the new year,  including two participants from Shark Tank, Tony talking about MailChimp, making potting soil and diesel fuel from waste, a trip to Tindo Solar to watch Solar Panels being made, the fabulous Mark Thomson and Sasha Dragovelic talking about gamification (Google it).


 Thursday, 16th November 2017 - 7:30pm
Guest Speaker: Ian Hobbs

Mob: 0417 877 127 



The name “Ecovortek” describes the concept behind the technology. The name is derived from “ecological, vortex and technology” hence eco-vor-tek.
They have increased yields on food crops, decreasing anaerobic bacteria by efficiently increasing dissolved oxygen.
Softer water improves the taste, reduces calcium scale build up and aids cleaning.
Ecovortek units have no running costs and are 100% maintenance free! They are installed in cafes, laundries, farms for irrigation and animals to drink.
Domestic owners have reported improvements in skin conditions, hair, pet health and longer life from hot water systems.




Thursday, 19th October 2017
Guest Speaker: Mike Richards

Mike Richards is the Manager of the Manufacturing Technologies Centre.
He has previously held economic development roles at the City of Playford, Innovate SA, Venture Capital Board, Centre for Innovation. He has also been Executive Officer for a business angel group as well as spent time as a Corporate Investigator at the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.


Thursday, 21st September
Guest Speaker: Fiona Blinco

"Facebook for Inventors"





95% of people use Facebook, most many times a week…

Fiona and Richard Blinco jointly own and manage DIY Digital. Fiona regularly presents seminars on Facebook, MailChimp and Google.
DIY Digital specialises in online marketing for sole traders, small businesses, local shops and professionals. Keeping customers loyal and finding new ones through a savvy online presence and effective promotion is what they love to do.
DIY Digital works on a retainer or project basis so that sole traders can have marketing expertise at their fingertips.
They use the latest online marketing techniques including website development and editing, Facebook or LinkedIn content and advertising and email marketing.

email:      Mobile: 0400 835 161


Thursday, 17th August 2017
Member Speaker: John Stankevicius


John Stankevicius specialises in Cloud Accounting for Small Businesses, Taxation and Management Accounting.
His claim to fame is setting up and overseeing the Associations accounts at no cost, for which we are very grateful.
He stresses that your business's previous performance will indicate your way forward and that before investing in equipment or expertise that you calculate the return it should generate.
Self-Managed Superannuation Funds and Asset Protection in conjunction with Succession Planning (passing the business or families wealth to the next generation) should be seamless, without worrying about challenges to your wishes or moneys lost to government departments.


Thursday, 20th July 2017

Guest Speakers:
Malcolm Leahy -
Beneficial Plastics – 0407822215, (08) 8445 2051
Mark Reina -
Cadelaide - 0421 039 423

Business address: 16-24 Albion Street, Wingfield, SA 5013


Beneficial Plastic Products is a design, injection moulding and tool manufacturing company, which has been operating since 1990.
Malcolm Leahy has been in the plastics industry for over 40 years, and with a partner, developed a purpose-built blow moulding machine to produce spring water bottles for Australia and overseas.
In 1995, Mr. Leahy sold two companies, but retained Beneficial Plastic Products to develop a new self-closing tap for the spring water industry and for other markets.
The company is now focused primarily in developing and manufacturing plastic products and has a supporting on site infrastructure in tool design, tool making,  plastic product design and injection moulding.

Thursday, 15th June 2017

7:30pm at Krix, 14 Chapman Road, Hackham, SA 5163 (not our usual venue).

Behind the cinema screen...

This month is a special treat, a visit to South Australian speaker maker KRIX...  Where David Murphy, audio engineer and designer will discuss and show their solutions to improve production, environmental impact and selected R&D inventions leading to 3 patents. He will demonstrate a large 4 way cinema system in stereo and surround sound.

David Murphy - KRIX


 Thursday, 18th May 2017

Guest Speaker: Sasha Dragovelic - Catalyst Foundation


Sasha Dragovelic is the Team Leader – Community Services & Employment at Catalyst Foundation and has responsibility for Marketing and Events, Employment and Business Programs, IT Operations and Digital Literacy programs. He leads Unfinished Business at Catalyst Foundation which is a business training program for seniors.
Sasha is a serial entrepreneur and is the founder of Futurepreneurs Launchpad, EntrepreTour and Co-Founder of Boss Camp and Any Space Global just to name a few. Sasha was awarded Mentor of the Year for 2016 by Startup Adelaide for his outstanding commitment to mentoring Startup and business founders. He is a mentor at the NVI Flinders Venture Dorm and Startup Adelaide Weekend. Sasha is also a Trustee of the Awesome Foundation Adelaide which gives out $1k each month to help some kick-start their idea.
Sasha is also a board member of Turkindi – The Indigenous Information Network of SA and his responsibility is Public Relations.

The Catalyst Foundation is at: 149 Currie St, Adelaide SA 5000 - Phone: 1800 636 368


Thursday, 20th April 2017

Guest Speaker: Ron Johnson
“Inventive Presentation Skills”

Ron retired a few years ago, from a career in Risk Management, OH&S and related activities. Ron is also the author of several books on Public Speaking and Risk Management. Presently he utilises his speaking, presentation and singing skills as an entertainer.
He established the first  Rostrum Presentation Skills Club  in Australia.
In the current business environment, a PowerPoint or similar multimedia show is required to back up what you have to say. There are many pitfalls, and Ron will show you how to avoid the traps, what a good presentation looks like and point you towards help should you need it.

Download: "Communications Skills" document from Ron Johnson

Thursday, 16th March 2017

Guest Speaker: John Missikos Tinker Electric

“The Internet of Things (IoT)”

John Missikos is founder and engineer at Tinker Electric. He has a varied background in building automation into big mine sites as well as into somewhat smaller devices like automatic cocktail machines, which allows him to think out of the box for his clients. Helping get products get off the ground from idea to market is his forte. His background is Internet of Things, Web+Mobile development, electronics and automation.

Links from the meeting.

Interview with Tisham Dhar on his Open Energy Monitor and it's upcoming crowdfunding campaign. We chat about Open Source, bringing a product to market, using crowdfunding to prove a product.

eBook of the 5 steps you need to take to get your electronics prototype off the ground

16th February 2017
Guest Speaker: Danielle Tinker


Whilst it is better to let the professionals do videos, often Inventors have limited finances and listening to Danielle and looking at some excellent videos on the internet should markedly improve your venture.
Danielle freelanced in Sydney for 5 years producing corporate videos for NSW government and editing for the ABC and QANTAS. She has written, produced, and directed several successful short films.

Come and learn video making …

An example of a promotional video produced by redbikini.

Here is the script for the video.(PDF)


19th January, 2017

Guest Speakers: Rick Heidenreich - Inventors Association Member
and Adam Webb

Come and hear about RODENT DETERRENT
Living in the country, Rick is aware of the destruction caused by rats, mice and other creatures who prefer our dwellings to their own and searched for a solution that didn’t require poison baits or traps that leave decaying bodies behind or ultrasonics that can upset pets and livestock.
His solution simply persuades the rodent to leave by making their environment unpleasant.
Come and hear his story …

Thursday, December 8, 201

Inventors Christmas Party

There is no Guest Speaker tonight...
Bring your partner and celebrate another great year of inventions, non-members invited too.
Either bring a plate, savoury or sweet to share or contribute ($5) to Pizzas. BYO drinks;
coffee & tea will be supplied and enjoy great great conversation and video's from Eric

17th November 2016
Guest Speaker: Omid Rad
INTELLIWEED as seen on Shark Tank*


Come and hear about SHARK TANK* from Omid Rad.

Omid brought the Group Kinetica team together in 2005 and has been working here and abroad to develop innovative horticultural products.

A serial inventor and entrepreneur with a passion to make Goodness Grow, he has concentrated on improving and creating sustainable horticultural systems and tools to maintain them.

Omid recognised an opportunity to bring a range of plant material from his birthplace, Iran, as the similarities in climate and environment as very similar and these have been very lucrative for Australian growers.

This endeavour became his life-passion and has culminated into several patented technologies as well as many new varieties of fruit and vegetable developed over the past decade.

- * Shark Tank is an Australian reality competition television series that premiered 8 February 2015, on Network Ten.
-    Click the left image to watch a YouTube video and the right image to go to the website.

20th October 2016

Guest Speaker: Natalie Spillane




Crosby Dalwood

The ideas and concepts are there, the design has been refined, the prototype is in the works….. what now? Having a vision for a new or better invention is exciting, but you need to be able to communicate that vision beyond the concept stage to others who maybe can’t see that vision.
Natalie is an Accountant and Business Advisor who has been working with a variety of businesses for over 15 years. She will be looking at Business Plans and for inventors and how to go about putting one together, as well as why they need to do more than just gather dust on a shelf.
She will also look at financial record-keeping, some of the software available to make this as simple as possible, and why these records are important from day one.
A special thanks to Peta Coughlin, Eastside Business Enterprise Centre for organising our speaker.

15th September 2016
Guest Speaker: Brenton Diener - Solar Water Pumps

At 71, Brenton enjoys the challenge of solving industrial and rural problems and has done this since 1984.
Whilst he offers a range of standard equipment, he also has a large workshop in Kapunda and the ability to adapt to suit the customer’s needs.
In the last year, his turnover has increased by 30% to 1.3 million with 3 employees plus himself.
As his wares often have to be transported great distances, so damage resistance, minimum volume and the ability to be assembled by unskilled labour has to be designed in.
He recently showed one of his pumps at the 2016 Science Alive! exhibition, on our IAA stand.
Come and gain some insight into running a business and inventing by an expert.
18th August 2016
Guest Speaker: Ralph Drage

Imagine trying to put fuel in your car and not having the strength in your hands to operate the nozzle.
This is one of the many problems both simple and complex solved by TADSA, now in its 38th year, in a bid to improve people’s lives.
Adelaide born Ralph Drage has a background as a Fitter & Turner, Car Restorer through to Industrial Engineer and coordinates through 40 volunteers, the projects TADSA is called upon to do.
He will show some of the more challenging solutions and beware they are on the lookout for more volunteers.


21st July 2016
Guest Speaker: Joanna Lamek

Joanna Lamek is a digital specialist and founder of “Start Me Up Adelaide”. She is creating businesses and turning creative ideas into reality. Crowdfunding is making a huge impact on our economy, with startups and businesses to introducing new products and services. 

Joanna will talk about:

    - What is crowdfunding? 
    - Benefits and types of crowdfunding for inventors
    - Things inventors need to consider before launching crowdfunding campaign
    - Which crowdfunding platform is right for your project
    - Industry Statistics
16th June 2016
Guest Speaker: Anna Tripodi (Inspired Directionz)

Anna Tripodi is a small business consultant and mentor as well as an event manager, MC and promoter.
Her talk will be interactive and tailored towards Inventors covering:
Why social media is so important
A brief outline of the different social media platforms available and which ones will be most beneficial for inventors
Understanding how to use social media as a business/inventor
How to find out more on each platform
Engaging professionals to manage social media
19th May 2016
Guest Speakers: Adelaide First Person View Racing

They ride along with their drones through a camera in the front and drive them in real time.
Adelaide City Council now allows them to fly in the Adelaide Parklands.
This is worldwide sport and they promote safe and responsible racing as well as teaching new comers to build and race their own creations.
They provide a great insight into Drones as well a great nights entertainment.
21st April 2016
Guest Speaker: Brian O'Malley (OCLOC

In 2010 Brian O'Malley and Andrew Stevens won both Peoples Choice and Episode Winner on the ABC New Inventors program with a repair system for broken Permapine posts for grape vine trellises. 
With interest from the USA they developed a repair system for the steel posts used there.
With this wealth of experience they developed a post that wouldn't need repairing.
17th March 2016
Guest Speaker: Chris Hayward - IP Australia

Patents are not the only form of protection for the new invention and are often a huge drain on limited finances and whilst they are the mainstay of licensing agreements, the inventor is often is required to prosecute infringers under that same agreement, a further drain on their finances.
Chris Hayward from IP Australia will be our keynote speaker in an open forum with our own Howard Schulze and Tony Rossiter.
Protection is a mixture of assets including manufacturing secrets, confidentiality agreements, tooling, experience, contacts, distribution, trademark, copyright, trade dress, approvals from statuary bodies, domain names, and mechanical copy protection.
Come and discuss these in our forum.
18th February 2016
Guest Speakers: Peter March & Ken Bell (StaminaLift

Staminalift 5 (Reduced)

Developed in a farm workshop by a hospital employee, ex farmer/handyman, and farmer, joined shortly by an accountant, computers were foreign and skills readjustment was rapid.

During this time they leaned heavily on anyone willing to help and patented and trademarked their IP.

Ken Bell successfully promoted an early model in Adelaide, interstate and eventually in London. The last move proved a need to change direction, so StaminaLift International Ltd. was formed in July 2010 with additional shareholders.

They designed new machines, won prestigious awards, and rank as #1 in bed moving technology, an overnight success in 12 years.
Thursday 21st January 2016
Guest Speaker: Tony Rossiter

The Story of John Harrison
An 18th Century inventor who spent his and a large part of his sons life improving navigation by inventing a clock that would keep accurate time at sea.

The things that effected accuracy were, winding, temperature, friction, lubricants, humidity, atmospheric pressure, ship movement, magnetic fields and finally the bain of all inventors, the cost, about a third of the ships cost!

He was lied to, deceived, cheated and finally.......... well come and find out.


No Guest Speaker in December 2015


Inventors Christmas Party
Bring your partner and celebrate another great year of inventions, non-members invited too. Either bring a plate or sweet to share or contribute to Pizzas. BYO drinks; coffee & tea will be supplied and enjoy great great conversation and video's from Eric.

November 2015 Guest Speaker: Stephen Marlow


Stephen Marlow has had a career in journalism, public relations, government relations and community engagement for the past 45 years. During that time he has acted as a media adviser to a former SA Premier and Attorney General and spent time as Corporate Relations Manager at ASX and Investor Relations Manager at AMP. He has extensive experience with the SA Government at both a political and departmental level and currently advises public and private sector clients on all aspects of communications at both the strategic and implementation levels.

His presentation will be highly interactive and will highlight the importance of business communication to targeted stakeholders and how best to achieve this.

Howard Schulze - Retired Patent Attorney
Over the next few meeting, Howard will summarise the trade mark system, covering:
Searching for a name
The pros and cons of the system
The dangers
The value of urls
Value of use and/or registration
Copyright in the trademark system
October 2015 Guest Speakers Terance Cody and Dennis Graney
Terrance Cody
Terence Cody started his professional life as a PMG technician, he later completed an engineering degree in 1967. He has experience in cable ploughing, phone exchange installation and its transmission systems. In 1985 he rounded his experience with an MBA and worked throughout Australia as an engineer until 1992, when he left to pursue a passion for developing new systems and concepts.
He will talk about his successes and failures in inventing in conjunction with Dennis Graney who worked closely with him.

Howard Schulze - Retired Patent Attorney
Over the next few meeting, Howard will summarise the trade mark system, covering:
Searching for a name
The pros and cons of the system
The dangers
The value of urls
Value of use and/or registration
Copyright in the trademark system
September 2015 Guest Speakers
September picture

Tom Hilder & Geoff Forrest (IAA committee members)
will hold a workshop:
Will it work?
Will it pay?

Do you have an inventive idea?
Wondering what you should do next?
"Will it work?" has two parts; is it technically feasible, and is it financially feasible?
"Will it pay?" Would you like to know how to work out what it could be worth?
August 2015 Guest Speakers:
Gavin Smith / Will Tamblyn
“Voxiebox – An inventing journey from our sheds in Adelaide to demonstrating to NASA”

3d Viewer
Gavin Smith and Will Tamblyn will tell you about Voxiebox, a new type of 3D holographic display where you and your friends can see 3D images from any angle without the need for special glasses.

This sort of holographic display has been the hallmark of Science Fiction for decades and the promised future of display technology. It can be used for any sort of 3D visualisation or interactive content, from medical imaging to education, from advertising to video games.
There is nothing else like Voxiebox


Howard Schulze our patent guru will talk about the wording of claims

Please note: The Adelaide branch AGM will be held at this meeting
July 2015 Guest Speakers
Scott Boocock “Hegs – An evolutionary new step in clothes pegs”

Aussie Innovator Scott Boocock is a passionate entrepreneur. He was hanging laundry when he had an idea: clothes pegs with hooks. His idea turned into the product HEGS, which has won the prestigious international Good Design Award and was featured on Channel 10’s Shark Tank Australia. Scott’s commitment to taking his backyard idea and creating an Aussie invented, made, and built product will inspire you and show that it is possible to turn your ideas into action.”

Howard Schultz
former senior partner at Collison and Co, held a short workshop on patenting.
June 2015 Guest Speakers
Andrew Whittaker from Fingo Product Development.
Andrew presented two case studies, Mrs Peggs Handy Line, Coopers Home Brew Kit and showed the prototypes.
Both are from local clients and have very different stories.

Howard Schultz former senior partner at Collison and Co, held a short workshop on patenting.
May 2015 Guest Speaker
Michael Liner,
The first in the “Just a Thought” series of interactive workshops: “Searching for Answers”

Howard Schultz former senior partner at Collison and Co, held a short workshop on patenting.
April 2015 Guest Speakers
John Campbell,
“Clever Concrete Construction”

John Campbell (B Sc Chem.) has developed concrete technology for 45 years and his own consultancy for over 20 years, advising engineers and architects on concrete with consistent, flow and strength properties.
His construction technology includes shotcrete, spray renders, Hebel block adhesive, blue board renders, accelerators and retarders for cold/hot conditions and adhesives old/new concrete joints.

He has pioneered the use of concrete in third world countries for water, septic, culturally friendly earthquake, cyclone and tsunami resistant building systems.

A farmer, environmentalist, he has led the re-greening of the Willunga hills face for 22 years.

Howard Schultz former senior partner at Collison and Co, held a short workshop on patenting.
March 2015 Guest Speaker
Greg Freebairn, a scientist with DSTO

“History of Rocketry” Greg Freebairn will provide a fascinating insight into “The History of Rocketry” from the Chinese to modern day. He is a scientist with DSTO, an accomplished speaker with Rostrum with a B.Sc in Physics and Aero Space Engineering, his specialty is Solid Rocket Motors.

Greg lives in the North East with his wife and two children and is an avid fisherman. He started his working life as manager of a Cash Converters and so has seen life from all sides.
February 2015 Guest Speaker
Peter Cullin – ”Cullector Ultra Efficient Shower”

During the worst drought in living memory, Peter created a shower with many features.
It saves water, money and greenhouse gases.
Cullector is an economical DIY installation that replaces your existing shower.
Peter has the product manufactured and sells through his website.
Covered by Australian and US patents, it featured on ABC New Inventors.
Peter received many grants and Crowd Funding through Kick Starter.
January 2015 Guest Speaker
Ian Durieu – The Leon Audio Company

“Security Speaker Isolation Module” Speaker Isolation Module Speaker Isolation Module


December 2014 Guest Speaker
Tony Rossiter, inventor of Vergola will provide a short humorous rendition about Vergola’s failed attempt to sell the product in India.

November 2014 Guest Speaker
Brett Jackson – INNOVYZ

Brett is a Senior Partner, and co-founder of Innovyz and Innovyz START. Innovyz is an Adelaide based business consultancy where we help validate innovations, build world class teams, assist teams attract funding aligned with their goals. Innovyz START is a Business Accelerator, created to empower entrepreneurial teams with the insight and the skill to commercialise innovation and rapidly scale their companies. Brett’s role focuses on relationship management, sales and marketing activities.
October 2014 Guest Speaker
Julio Gomez – IAA(Qld) President
“Early Intervention Programme” for Inventors
September 2014 Guest Speaker
Ian Durieu – The Leon Audio Company
“An Advanced Theatre Cue Light System”

In the theatre a switch controlling a remote light bulb is used to cue actors and a broken bulb or cable can spell disaster. Ian’s cueing system has evolved over 20 years and operates up to 60 lights on a single cable with actor feedback, multiple cueing and ability to be linked to the show’s computer. His system is used worldwide by organisations such as Cirque du Soleil and Sydney Opera House.
August 2014 Guest Speakers
Eric Rodda “The Both Brothers”

Eric showed some video and talked about the Both Brothers; South Australian inventors from the small town of Caltowie, Ted & Don Both are responsible for some of the most important medical and scientific inventions known to man.
Tony Rossiter
“A Presentation on Presentations”

Tony spoke about to impress your audience, an important skill in selling your invention. This is based on a coaching check list used by Rostrum.
July 2014 Guest Speaker
Stephen Kelly of Tri-Spark Digital Electronic Ignitions

Stephen takes us through from the idea, research and development, prototyping and bringing the final product to market including all the up’s and down’s, in’s and out’s.
June 2014 Guest Speaker
Paul Segneri from Channel 44

Paul is the Director of Marketing & Sales
“Learn how you can promote your product or invention through the television media.”
May 2014 – 3D Printing Spectacular
Mathew Croucher and Adrian Sellick from Innovation Systems and representing the SA Library’s Innovation Lab
April – No meeting due to Easter
March 2014 Guest Speakers
Ivan2 “An Insight to Sales, Marketing, Brand Development, Design and YOU”

Ivan Zrinscak – Graphic Designer | Web Developer | Marketing Strategist | Branding Consultant
Ivan Vantagiato – Sales & Marketing Strategist | Sales Team Developer & Trainer | Corporate Negotiator | Entrepreneur | Brand Developer
February 2014 Guest Speakers
Miriam Henke and Michael Liner – “The Psychology Of Creativity – An Interactive Workshop”
January’s Guest Speaker
Michael Liner who spoke about “Research and Marketing on the Web and Social Media”


October 2014 meeting: Exploring “Learning the Craft of Inventing”

Creating a group think Project for the members as a practical exercise from
conception to product ownership.

September 2013  Guest Speaker
David Steinway, will be looking at:
1) Ways of promoting the Inventors Assn.
2) The Design Act
3) The process of one of his inventions
August 2013 Guest Speaker
Geoff Forrest who spoke on “Crowd Sourcing and Funding”
July 2013 Guest Speaker
Tom Hilder who spoke on “From Your Head to Your Hands”
June 2013 Guest Speaker
Marjon Martin, who spoke on “Eco Echoes”
May 2013 Guest Speaker
Howard Schulze speaking about the Patent systems.
April 2013 Guest Speaker
Brian Measday, who spoke about his ”Greenwell” journey.